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168 Applicants Get Job Through KANZIDATA

168 Applicants Get Job Through KANZIDATA

Tanzanians continue to benefit from the benefits of the introduction of various systems through ICT within the Employment Secretariat including the database of job applicants who have successfully interviewed and retained, where a total of 168 applicants have been able to be called to work without having to do another post immediately. of the work found within the Public Service.

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This was stated by the Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat for Employment in the Public Service. Lucas Mr Raptor while speaking to one of the graduates looking for a job. When Shabani Rajab visited his office to find out when the Government will provide the services of the Museum and he also wanted to know how the interview was over and later saw an announcement saying that some of the call-outs had come from the cardinal.

“I cannot say when the old jobs will be announced so in order for a job announcement to be made there must be a clear and legitimate position, which is the Labor Secretariat announcing on behalf of the relevant Employers. To this endowment is an opportunity provided by the Government legally requiring us to have a variety of databases including the most successful applicants to date, for example in May this year, a total of 168 job applicants have been called to work through this system ”explained Mrumapili.

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The Deputy Secretary demanded Mr. Shabani visits the Secretariat of the Public Service’s website for Public Service to satisfy himself and his comments including the names of the candidates and where they were assigned to work stations through the newsletter. To see All Names Click below:-

Issued by Government Communication Unit (PO-PSRS) – May 7, 2020

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