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31 Job Opportunities At Igunga District Council (Wakusanya Ushuru)


Igunga District Council is located between latitudes 3”51’ and 4”48’ South of Equator and longitudes 33”22’ and 34”8’ East of Greenwich.  The District covers an area of square kilometers 6,912 and it is bordered by  Kishapu District to the North, Iramba District to the East, Uyui District to the South and Nzega District to the West.
Igunga District Council is one of the eight administrative districts Council that make up the Tabora Region. The district inaugurated on 20th July, 1975. Formerly, this district was part of Nzega district
The district council has four divisions which are Igunga, Simbo, Manonga and Igurubi, 35 wards, 119 villages and 758 hamlets.
31 Job Opportunities At Igunga District Council (Wakusanya Ushuru)
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