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4 Job Opportunities LINDI at Liwale District Council

4 Job Opportunities LINDI at Liwale District Council

Liwale District Council was officially established on July 7, 1975 after being disbanded from Nachingwea due to the size of Nachingwea District. Prior to that, Liwale District was a Nachingwea District Division from 1961. Also in 1975, the District became the official Electoral Constituency where the first Member of Parliament was the Retired Prime Minister Rashid Mfaume Kawawa.

After being disbanded from Nachingwea, Liwale District has been one of the non-constituent councils of Lindi region; this includes Kilwa, Lindi, Ruangwa, Nachingwea and Lindi Municipal District Councils.

Liwale District Council was a Council by 1984. It became a Local Government Authority which had full powers as defined in the 1982 Establishment Act.


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