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Camp Management Assistant at Danish Refugee Council

Posted in NGO Jobs in Tanzania

Job title: Camp Management Assistant

Employment category: (E-L-1)
Reporting to: (Camp management Team Leader)
Technical line manager: (Camp Manager)
Direct reports: Incentive Workers
Unit/department: [Camp management]
Location: (Mtendeli)
Authorization level: (N/A)

Overall purpose of the role: (1-2 sentences)

A Camp Management Assistant, under the management and supervision of a Camp Management Team Leader and in close collaboration with other government and humanitarian colleagues will be responsible for direct implementation of camp management activities in the camp.

Responsibilities: (in bullet points)

  • Supervise refugee incentive workers;
  • Monitor and support the coordination of services and Management in the camp;
  • Develop and strengthen community governance structures and mechanisms;
  • Identify gaps in service provision to refugees, proactively referring issues to relevant forums;
  • Work in close collaboration with refugee stakeholders, and ensure community participation and mobilization in camp management
  • Ensure diversity and inclusion and ensured that protection considerations are mainstreamed across all sectors;
  • Receive and handle complaints and feedback from beneficiaries and refer to relevant actors;
  • Oversee and ensure that NFI distributions are conducted in an accessible and accountable manner.
  • Work in close collaboration with refugee stakeholders (Community Leaders, Elders, Representative Committees…) to ensure a wide acceptance of camp management activities in particular and facilitate dispute resolutions regarding the provision of humanitarian services in general.
  • Ensure Camp management implementation is compliant with the Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS) and the DRC Code of Conduct (CoC);
  • Write reports as required by Manager;
  • Ensure daily verbal feedback on urgent issues reported;
  • Participate in camp coordination meetings as well as meetings with refugee leadership committees;
  • Any other duties to support camp management activities assigned by Manager/Team Leader

Experience and technical competencies: (include years of experience)

  • At least 2 years of work experience in humanitarian displacement situations;
  • Demonstrated previous experience working with refugees or other vulnerable populations;
  • Excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills, creativity and flexibility;
  • Flexibility in working hours when needed;
  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Proven computer literacy skills (Microsoft Word and Excel);
  • Comfortable in a multi-cultural environment, flexible and able to handle pressure well ability to engage with community members in an open manner, maintain confidentiality and respect;
  • Ability to communicate and write reports in English;
  • Language ability in Kiswahili, Kiha and Kirundi are considered and as added advantage.

Education: (include certificates, licenses etc.)
University Degree in areas relevant to Community Organization, Humanitarian Work, Humanitarian Protection
Diploma in any relevant field with experience in Camp Coordination and Camp Management work

Languages: (indicate fluency level)
Someone who can communicate in

English – Fluent, including technical level
Kiswahili – Fluent, including technical
Kirundi – Basic
Kiha – Basic
Key stakeholders: (internal and external)
Various Humanitarian Agencies at the Camp Level
Target Refugee and Host Communities
Last updated: (date and name)

¨Basic: I master the essentials, but may at times need help from others
¨Advanced: I can work independently at full professional level.

¨Expert: I am the go-to person when others need help.

The Job description may not exceed two pages