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Cash Officer Job at KCB Bank

Posted in NGO Jobs in Tanzania
Cash Officer Job at KCB Bank – UDAHILIPORTAL.COM

cash Officer

The role holder is responsible for maintaining custody of cash in the branch and the strong room

Key Responsibilities:
• Manage counter services to ensure efficient service is delivered to customers.
• Manage ATMs to ensure that they are operational at all times and replenished with new/serviceable notes.
• Maintain custodian cash in the branch and the strong rooms
• To ensure that cash holding limits are maintained both in reserve and with the cashier’s tills.
• To authorize cash payments and withdrawals above the Section Heads’/cashiers’ limits.
• To monitor and provide adequate currency notes to cashiers for counter service.
• To ensure that cash held is adequately insured at all times.
• Control and supervise the confirmation and sealing of cash deposited by cashiers into reserve.
• Control and maintain reserve cash within approved limits for the branch.
• Collect or receive excess foreign currency from cashiers for lodgement.
• Supervise confirmation and packing of foreign currency for repatriation.
• Respond to cash related customers’ correspondence.
• Ensure that customers’ cash requisitions are prepared promptly.
• Ensure that customers’ cash vouchers together with relevant cash summaries are ticked for validation purposes.
• Take stock of cash in the safe and ensure that soiled notes and excess local or foreign currency in reserve are repatriated.
• Make follow up on any cash related suspense entries.
• Lodge cash in the strong room whenever necessary
Daily Responsibilities:
• Responsible for cash movements into and out of reserve
• Ensure maintenance of proper records and control of the following registers
• Reserve cash register.
• Foreign currency register
• Cross entries.
• Lodge cashiers tills in the safe at end of day.
• Ensure that cashiers balance their cash against cash analysis reports on daily basis
• Ensure preparation of the overall cash summary on daily basis.

• Bachelor’s Degree- Business related
• Professional qualifications in AKIB,CPA(T),ACCA is desirable
• Master’s Degree- Business related is an added advantage
• Experience of 6 years is required
• Experience of 2 years in Sales-PB/BB/RB or Sales Manager is required
• Experience of 2 years in credit experience is required
• Experience of 4 years in Banking Ops-Cash, Clearing, Accounts &Administration is required
• Experience of 2 years in customer service/Relationship Management is required
• Experience of 2 years in Branch Manager Medium Branch