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Clerk of Works at African Wildlife Foundation

Classroom Africa (CA) is AWF’s Education Program that seeks to improve educational outcomes for children in schools based in communities within or adjacent to critical wildlife habitats; by improving access to quality education that promotes greater participation in, and support for, AWF’s conservation efforts.

Since its inception in 2013 Classroom Africa focused on building world class primary schools in rural areas and has achieved remarkable success in six primary schools across landscapes; Zambia-1, Tanzania-1, DR Congo-1, Ethiopia-1, and Uganda-2.

Manyara Ranch Primary School is a public boarding primary school in northern Tanzania that was initially located in an important wildlife corridor between Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks. Due to the disruptions and the safety hazards associated with this location, the African Wildlife Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the local community, relocated the school in 2008 to the perimeter of Manyara Ranch Conservancy.

Manyara Primary School is a hub for education and conservation. In addition to formal learning, the school serves as a model for how AWF successfully works with communities to incentivize best practices and commitment to healthy ecosystems. The school boasts of outstanding facilities and a qualified teaching force that is committed to providing a quality education for children living in rural communities.

The Clerk of Works will oversee the completion of ongoing works in the school and will report directly to the Construction Project Manager with a dotted line to the Manyara Ranch Manager

  • During the design phase, the Clerk of Works will be the main liaison between AWF office in Nairobi and Manyara and the consulting Architect’s office in Arusha.
  • The Clerk of Works will assist the CA team in Nairobi to ensure that all communication to or with the consulting Architects office is answered and recorded;
  • The Clerk of Works will assist the CA team in collect all design data to ensure the design responds to the context of the school (including but not limited to cultural context, wind, rain and sun patterns, availability of materials and labor);
  • The Clerk of Works will assist the CA team with the production of drawings and other technical documents to help communicate with the various project consultants;
  • The Clerk of Works will assist the CA team with the sourcing of construction materials and information on materials and labor to help inform the design process and the BoQ production; and
  • The Clerk of Works will assist as needed to help ensure the finalization of both designs and BoQ.
  • During the construction phase, the Clerk of Works main role will be to ensure that sustainable and construction methods and materials and skilled labor are being used throughout the construction of the school.
  • The Clerk of Works will work on site daily to ensure that the building contractor is following all the design drawings and technical documents as provided by the consulting Architect’s office and approved by the Monduli District authorities;
  • The Clerk of Works will work on site to ensure the labor hired has the necessary skills to implement the design in conformity with the design, quality, budget and timeline;
  • The Clerk of Works will report to the Construction Project Manager on the progress of construction through submission of weekly site reports, including photographs documenting construction progress and any concerns. (S)He will also highlight any problems that need immediate attention as well as issues from which problems can arise in the future;
  • Based on his/her presence on site, the Clerk of Works will suggest to the Construction Project Manager changes that he/she thinks will improve the overall quality and durability of the school and make the construction process more time and cost-effective;
  • The Clerk of Works will work with the consulting Architect’s office to verify claimed quantities of completed works by the Contractor;
  • The Clerk of Works will verify any and all certificates of payments issued by the consulting Architect; and
  • In addition to closely monitoring construction of new infrastructure, the Clerk of Works will also monitor various maintenance issues of the existing infrastructure to ensure the school continues to operate safely during the construction process (including but not limited to current buildings, furniture, water, power, waste management systems):
    • The Clerk of Works will communicate any current or expected problems in the weekly technical reports sent to the Infrastructure and Design Manager;
  • The Clerk of Works will propose solutions and action plans to address the problems;
  • The Clerk of Works will prepare cost estimates to implement proposed and approved solutions;
  • Subsequent to receiving approval for works from the Infrastructure and Design Manager, the Clerk of Works will supervise the implementation of the approved solutions and report to the Infrastructure and Design Manager on progress.

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