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Terms of Reference for the Strategic Plan Development 2021-2025


 The Foundation For Tomorrow (TFFT):

TFFT is a dynamic and fast-growing non-governmental organization that focuses on addressing vulnerability through the power of education. We offer individual orphan and vulnerable children the opportunity to succeed through access to quality schooling, health and psychosocial support, and life skills programs. Additionally, we work to improve the quality of instruction and school management to ensure widespread, sustainable impact through training educators to strive for and attain excellence in the delivery of basic education. TFFT believes systemic change happens from the community level and is excited to play a role in transforming the education landscape in Tanzania. Our new initiative – The Learning Centre – will expand and strengthen TFFT’s commitment to the students, teachers, families, and communities that we have been working with for over 10 years. The Learning Centre’s participatory environment will bolster TFFT’s existing programs, engage the entire community, and ignite lifelong learners. The centre is designed in partnership with the local government and with the support of our most steadfast partners.

In order to deliver on our goal to combat vulnerability with education, TFFT recognizes the value of developing a strategic plan to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our approach and to consider the internal and external factors that influence the trajectory of our work. TFFT plans to develop a five year strategic plan for 2021-2025, to reconfirm the Organization’s vision and to establish a design process and approach for the effective implementation and sustainability of its mandate over the next five years. TFFT firmly believes that its staff members, scholars, boundary partners and key stakeholders are at the centre of this strategic planning effort, helping to assess ways in which to strengthen the impact of the organization, providing direct input into consultations.


The strategic development consultant will facilitate a directional analysis of TFFT and a communications, monitoring, and evaluation plan. This includes assessing the Theories of Change employed by TFFT and examining how they serve to deliver TFFT’s mission. The consultant will support the definition of a detailed outcomes measurement methodology for TFFT’s anticipated Learning Centre. The purpose of this consultancy is to implement a strategic methodology and support and lead TFFT staff, partners, and board in a participatory planning process, ensuring a sense of ownership, engaging meaningfully with the boundary partners, board of governance and key stakeholders. The substantive outcome is a five year strategic plan for the period 2021-2025.

The plan must address, amongst other things, development of strong partnerships and resource mobilization initiatives and how to more effectively engage government agencies and communities more


meaningfully in the realization of TFFT’s mission and vision. The consultant will draw from any best practices within similar strategic plans for other non-governmental organizations with similar modus operandi as The Foundation For Tomorrow.


  1. Develop a sound methodology that grounds the strategic plan and facilitates a directional analysis for TFFT’s current operations and the integration and development of The Learning Centre.
  2. Conduct a needs assessment of the Organization including consideration of situation analysis and identification of constraints and opportunities for growth and
  3. Guide stakeholder mapping and consultations and understand, obtain, and analyze qualitative and quantitative data relevant to stakeholders and
  4. Develop plans and strategies with clear deliverables, indicators and tools that address the constraints and create the needed support systems and
  5. Development, validation, finalization and costing of the strategic plan 2021-2025, including outcome mapping for monitoring and evaluation, detailed implementation for 2021-2022, and general activities for 2023-2025.
  6. Recommend methodology and tools for evaluating outcomes and develop monitoring and communication
  7. The Consultant will collect, evaluate and lead in the presentation and validation process. Some of these elements may be included in the final document, as an appendix or cited as separate literature.



The Consultant will:

  1. Carry out a desk review of documents relevant to an understanding of the mandate, legal frame, work and context of
  2. Review existing national strategies/actions, laws and policies on education and governing NGOs in the education sector and include these when developing strategic
  3. Assess existing Theories of Change employed by TFFT and support the TFFT team in establishing an Organizational Theory of Change for 2021-2025.
  4. Conduct needs assessment of TFFT, which shall include a review of the existing structure, financial strategy and sustainability and engagement with a view for the future expansion to be components of the final
  5. Support the definition and development of the Learning Centre, including:
  • Facilitate an assessment of what role The Learning Centre will play in furthering TFFT’s mission and incorporate its development/operations into our model for growth and Theory of
  • Map out and finalize the program design process, timeline, and scope and delivery of each Learning Centre component, inclusive of
  • Support the strategy for reaching target populations and map and characterise the community needs in the target
  • Understand, obtain and analyze data relevant to target population (e.g. community conditions).
  • Recommend options for metrics for program evaluation and outcomes for each program

of The Learning Centre.

  • Review strengths and weaknesses of existing community learning center models and utilise best practice and evolving trends to inform The Learning Centre development model.
  • Provide a risk matrix for each program and an overview of major challenges of implementation.
  1. Develop a comprehensive methodology and work plan for a participatory process with a view of

achieving support from members and partners, which includes holding consultations and facilitating interviews with relevant stakeholders including, but not limited to, donor and development partners, private sector and civil society NGOs.

  1. Together, with the steering committee, lead a program of wider consultations to receive feedback on the draft strategic
  2. Finalize the strategic plan, including the log frame and detailed implementation plan, for 2021-2022 and provide general activities for 2023-2025. The plan should include priority programs and strategies, baselines and targets, timelines and resource allocations and a monitoring plan and communication
  3. Include a plan to align actions with existing relevant sectors’ strategies informed by best practices internationally and within Africa and Tanzania working in a similar



Based on the above, Consultant shall prepare and complete the five year strategic plan. This shall entail, among other things the following:


  1. A five year strategy with clear deliverables, key milestones, and direct guidance on implementation to strengthen The Foundation For Tomorrow’s mission and
  2. External environment assessment and internal environment assessment of the stakeholders/SWOT


  1. Establish specific objectives for the communication strategy and implement tools for evaluation of the communication
  2. Present the draft strategic plan to stakeholders to


The consultant shall use an evidence based approach and ensure the highest standards of work and timely deliverables at every stage of this assignment. The consultant shall ensure clarity of objectives and process during the consultations, counter check all facts and figures cited, ensure that the content and


format of the draft strategic plan meets the high standard for such documents and ensure proper editing and clarity.


The consultant shall, at the onset of the planning process, identify all stakeholders having a direct and indirect interest in the strategic plan. Listing people, groups and institutions that influence the work of TFFT. All stakeholders must be able to make inputs into the strategic plan to promote ownership of the plan.



The consultant shall obtain disaggregated data, review relevant literature, interviews, and undertake field visits in selected areas. The consultant is permitted to form a team for the delivery of the objectives of the consultancy. TFFT’s Form 4 leavers and alumni may be trained in semi-structured interview methodology by the consultant to assist in community interviews.



TFFT is seeking for the services of a professional or a consultancy firm to develop a five year strategic plan. The firm/individual must possess the following:

  1. Relevant work experience in strategic planning and development
  2. Excellent and proven analytical skills
  3. Excellent organizational and communication skills, ability to prioritize and work with minimum supervision
  4. Possess knowledge in the general social, economic and political environment that influences

education landscape in Tanzania

  1. Understanding of participatory approaches to management and operations



The consultancy shall be for a period no longer than two months, beginning on January 25th, 2021.


  • Remuneration and Method of Payment: To be negotiated
  • The consultancy costs for travel and meetings should not exceed USD $750
  • The Consultant shall receive 20% of the final cost after delivery and acceptance of the work plan, 40% of the final cost after the delivery and acceptance of a satisfactory report based on the terms of reference, and 40% of the final cost after meeting all deliverable outputs
  • The payment shall be by cheque or bank transfer
  • Penalty: The consultant is subject to a 15% reduction of the total agreed once
    • The report is submitted two weeks after the agreed timelines (without just and reasonable mutually agreed explanation) and
    • Non delivery of the tasks shall lead to withholding of the final payment (40%) until

receipt and approval of all deliverables’ outputs



  • Interested parties should submit a concise proposal for how the work will be carried out. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their bids alongside detailed proposals, indicating their work schedule from the commencement to the end of the Included should be:
  • Technical approach and suggested timeline (maximum 5 pages)
  • Case studies of previous experience of strategic development planning (maximum 2 pages)
  • Budget for work to be undertaken (submitted in a single Excel worksheet and broken down into personnel, fees, travel and other)
  • Any restrictions on consultant availability to begin work on 25th January 2020
  • Any restrictions on consultant availability to travel during the contract



Proposals should be submitted to: [email protected], with the subject line ‘TFFT Strategic Planning Consultancy’


Application deadline: Monday, January 4th 2021

  • Short-listed applicants may be invited to attend a video conference interview the week of January 11th and an in person interview in Arusha, Tanzania January 22nd. Candidates should endeavour to be available on these dates
  • Any questions should be sent to the email address above by 29th December 2020, with “TFFT Strategic Planning Consultancy” in the subject

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