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District Agriculture Support Officers Job Opportunity at PCI Tanzania

Posted in NGO Jobs in Tanzania

District Agriculture Support Officers – Bunda, Buraima, Musoma
Tracking Code 714-566

Job Description
The main objective for the position is to provide technical support and advise to the District Agriculture Department, ward extension staff, farmer groups, school administration and surrounding community to progressively take on, manage and sustain agricultural production and food contribution for the sustainability of FFE program. This position serves as the sector’s two-way communication link between PCI and respective District Councils and/or community clusters with all matters pertaining to the Agriculture sector, harmonizing any changes in plans on the part of either PCI or the District and cluster. Each position will directly oversee 2 cluster areas (36-40 primary schools).


  1. Implementation of agriculture Action Plans at community level: To provide technical support in the development of agriculture-related school annual plans (SAPs) in collaboration with lead farmers, Govt extension officers and cluster-level PCI staff (School Feeding Officers)
  2. Quality Assurance and Innovation: Provides oversite for implementation of specific technical area (Water management/ Conservation Agriculture/ Seed production). Facilitate or supervise agriculture training sessions to ensure quality of training.
  3. Documentation and Reporting: Ensure documented record and photos exists for key agricultural activities implemented in the project area.
  4. Representation: Represent PCI in regular meetings with FFE partners at District, Cluster, ward or village level and share with supervisor the outcomes of such meetings

Required Skills & Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, agronomy, food and nutrition security, soil and water management, or any related field.
• Minimum of two years practical experience in either of the following: promotion of vegetable gardening, conservation agriculture, seed production, or small-scale irrigation schemes through school or farmer group extension methods.
• Extensive experience in community mobilization, community participation and consultative-implementation methods
• Possesses knowledge and experience to analyze national, regional, and local agriculture issues.
• Creativity and analytical capacity to design and implement agriculture projects
• Flexibility to adjust to new implementation practices and new strategic guidance as per the changing political environment.
• Ability to manage multiple tasks and work under pressure in insecure environments.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills desired.
• Good team worker, good listener, high communication skills
• Spoken and written fluency in local languages required.
• Fluency in English and Kiswahili preferred.
• Good skills using MS Word, Excel, Outlook and smartphones

Job Location
Musoma, Tanzania, United Republic of
Position Type Full-Time/Regular