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 TALGWU It is the Tanzania Local Government Workers Union which is registered under the Trade Unions Act No. 10 of 1998, and was given registration number 010 on 15/09/2000. TALGWU unites all existing employees under Local Government Authorities and other Institutions in the country where as of June 2018, the Association had 62,170 members. TALGWU is affiliated with the Tanzania Confederation of Trade Unions (TUCTA), the Confederation of International Trade Unions (PSI) and the Network of Local Government Trade Unions in Africa (AMALGUN). Thus a trade union is a unity, union, and solidarity of workers whose interests, goals, aspirations and aspirations are alike.

The General Secretary of the Local Government Workers Union (TALGWU) is announcing the is

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The deadline for submitting the application is 18 September 2021.


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