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HESLB Extends 15 Days For Loan Applicants 2021/22

HESLB Extends 15 Days For Loan Applicants 2021/22 The Higher Education Student Loans Board (HESLB) has extended the loan application period by 15 more days from September 1 to 15 this year to provide opportunities for loan applicants who have registered in the system to complete their applications.

HESLB Executive Director, Abdul-Razaq Badru announced the decision today (Wednesday, September 1, 2021) in Dar es Salaam and explained that the decision was based on requests and advice received from stakeholders.

Number of applicants “We started receiving applications online on July 9, this year and until yesterday which was the last day of application we had 91,445 applicants who submitted applications, of which 12,252 applications were incomplete and our customers have asked for time to complete,” said Badru. .

The CEO was speaking at a press conference held at HESLB offices in Dar es Salaam which was also attended by representatives from the Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) and the Tanzania Postal Corporation (TPC) who also serve loan applicants.


The next step According to Badru, the next step is the verification of documents and information submitted by 79,193 applicants whose applications have been completed as reflected in the system. “There are two groups, the 12,252 whose applications have no attachments and are therefore incomplete… and there are 79,193 applications with documents, now we are starting to verify its accuracy and later we will check if they have received admission and those qualified will be loaned,” said Badru.

HESLB Extends 15 Days For Loan Applicants 2021/22

Opportunity to apply for a loan for young people in JKT Regarding needy students who are continuing their training at the National Construction Army (JKT) Camps, Badru said the youths in 19 camps in the country will have the opportunity to apply for a loan for 10 days from September 20 to 30 this year. “We have been in contact with the JKT Headquarters, and we have gone and met the youths in all the camps and promised them that they will have the opportunity… which is from September 20 to 30 this year, so don’t worry,” said Badru.

RITA and TPC continue to serve applicants At the meeting, Badru also stated that HESLB has agreed with RITA and TPC to continue to serve loan applicants throughout the extended period. “Our colleagues at RITA continue to verify the death and birth certificates they receive and have been doing so even before the opening of the application window… and the Post Office (TPC) has promised to continue receiving documents through the EMS service overtime, thank you very much” said Badru.

Credit budget for 2021/2022 In the academic year 2021/2022, the Government has allocated TZS 570 Billion to finance the loans of 160,000 students of higher education institutions. Of these, 62,000 students are expected to be first-year students and 98,000 undergraduate students. The budget for the year 2020/2021 grew TZS 464 billion and benefited a total of 149,398 students.

Issued by: Higher Education Student Loan Board,

Dar es salaam, Wednesday,

September 1, 2021


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