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Job Opportunity At HPSS June,2020

Job Title : IT System Analyst 
Reporting to : Reporting will be in a Matrix Structure.

Content related: IT Component Expert at Swiss TPH, Basel

Personnel/Administrative: Project Manager
Location : Dodoma/TBA
Level of Engagement : Full Time

1. Summary of the Position

The HPSS project aims at improving access to, quality and utilization of health resources and services in Tanzania and at arriving at an effective and well-governed health system. It will build on the experience of SDC’s previous health projects. The current phase of the project is an exit phase following two phases of reforms implemented in three regions and will aim at consolidating the reforms introduced by the project and supporting national scale up of some reforms across the four HPSS components involving digitalization components. The IT Systems Analyst will be the in country based expert to coordinate the in country interactions on digitization components of the project.

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2. Aim of Job

The project in the last (exit) phase will be aiming at closure of the HPSS project. The emphasis will be on consolidating and shifting activities from regional to national level support. The different components in the national contexts have multiple digital components that need further development and integration into the IT landscape of Tanzania. The Digitisation coordinator will be key to the HPSS Digitization efforts as he/she will ensure that the digitalisation activities are properly defined and planned and will ensure that the business requirement are incorporated to the activities.

3. Main Tasks
The job-holder will have the following responsibilities and duties;
– Active member of the team
i. Responsible in the project team based in Tanzania for the technical ICT activities of the project
ii. Planning the project activities work plans with the Digitalisation officer and Component Expert
iii. Improving coordination of all undertaken activities between remotely based and country based team including regular meetings in the office as well virtual meetings on a regular basis (weekly and monthly team meetings)
iv. Coordination with Health Technology Component Expert and other experts from different component having digitization aspects on planning and execution of activities

– Responsible for the zonal teams
i. Reporting and functional manager for the zonal teams
ii. Coordination of the zonal team activities to meet the planning and PORALG requirements.  

– Act as coordinator for the developments
i. Project documentation in form of project reports, project request letters, needs assessments, implementation plans and proposals, requirements capturing, position papers, briefs, etc
ii. In collaboration with Swiss TPH/HPSS, MOHCFDGEC, PORALG, MOFP and EGA IT experts develop software applications according to the technical documentation and designs provided by the IT Analysts
iii. Translate workflow steps into business process activities and nested processes.
iv. Report the milestones timeline of Tanzania’s specific feature development into the digitalisation components
v. Contribute to organizational policy regarding quality standards and strategic planning
vi. Coordinating the training activities in order to handover the support, maintenance and development of IT systems (CHF-IMIS, openMEDIS, JAZIA, NSMIS Mobile) to iCHF government support structures (PORALG, MoHCDGEC and NHIF)
vii. Support the openIMIS Developers and Implementers committee in the development of the new Modular Architecture version of openIMIS to facilitate the upgrade of CHF-IMIS to the future openIMIS

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4. Internal relations
– Closely cooperate with Digitalisation officer in Tanzania.
– Collaborate with the Health Technology Component Leader on implementing health technology activities at national level,
– Coordinate with Regional Teams on the implementation of the project related health technology activities
– Cooperate with Component Leaders and Project Management of the project team based in Tanzania and in Basel

5. External relations
– Cooperate with National government authorities
– Cooperate with local organizations, NGOs and development partners
– Cooperate with SDC

6. Guidelines
– Personnel regulations
– Swiss TPH/HPSS Administration Manual for Local Offices (AMLO) including Internal Control System (ICS) and all annexes and supporting documentation
– Swiss TPH HPSS Employee Code of Conduct

7. Prerequisites for the Job
– Experience in IT solution design or IT project management
– Proficiency with MS Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
– Efficient and professional communication: able to summarize the different aspects of a topic based on facts
– Proven record or will of aligning diverse, multi-level teams with project mission and vision.
– Strategic agility, diplomacy, conflict management, team building, written and oral communication, and negotiation skills.
– (optional) Knowledge of government IT infrastructures, policies and interface

8. Qualifications
– Minimum a Master level academic qualification in ICT or 8 years of experience as IT system analyst or IT project manager
– Understanding of programming languages (.NET, Java, Javascript, Python)
– Understanding of server and networking configuration
– Understanding of databases, system security and troubleshooting
The Expert will continuously and closely interact with the IT Component Expert, other component experts, other country based component advisors, Project Manager, and Project Director.

Application should be accompanied with:
– A well-typed CV
– Certified copies of relevant certificates
– Names of at least three (3) referees from previous jobs (line managers) with reliable contacts
– Contact address during daytime (Postal Address, Telephone, e mail and Fax)

Send your application to the following address:
Human Resource Officer,
Health Promotion and System Strengthening (HPSS) Project,
P.O. Box 29,

Online application via email: [email protected]

Kindly note, only short listed candidates will be contacted.
The Deadline for submission of application is on 09th June, 2020 at 16.00 hours.

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