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Jobs at Rafiki Social Development Organization

Posted in NGO Jobs in Tanzania

Rafiki Social Development Organization is a development and advocacy Non Governmental and Non profit making Organization working with Children, Youth, Marginalized and Vulnerable groups, families and their communities to reach their full potential by advocating for their rights and tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. The Organization was established in January 2005 and registered under the NGO Act of 2002, issued with a registration number No.00NGO/00006336 to operate in Tanzania Mainland. Rafiki-SDO has received funding from Fhi360 to implement EpiC project in Shinyanga Municipal Council and Shinyanga District Council and to address critical gaps and bottlenecks in the response to HIV among key
and vulnerable populations (KVP) and adolescent girls and young women (AGYW). To facilitate smooth implementation of this project, RAFIKI-SDO wishes to recruit qualified, experienced,
motivated and dynamic individuals in the following positions available;

I: Job Title: Biomedical Officer – (1 POST)
Office location: Shinyanga region
Work station: Shinyanga MC & Shinyanga DC
Reporting to: Program Manager
Duration: 8 Months /renewable (full time)
Salary: Attractive package

The incumbent will be responsible to coordinate the implementation of EpiC project activities in Shinyanga
MC & Shinyanga DC. S/He will work closely with R/CHMTS, Rafiki-SDO and Fhi360 team to ensure high
quality CBHTC+, HIVST, PrEP and index testing services (HIV counseling and testing, family planning
services, screening and referral for STIs, gender-based violence, TB, alcohol and drug use, linkages and
adherence support for HP care and treatment) to clients in their assigned region.

Responsibilities: Planning:
 With the close support from Rafiki-SDO manager and Fhi360 Biomedical Technical Officer and
selected CHMT members, lead the district team to develop monthly Operational Plans/Route
plans and monthly budget
 Proactively participate in the Comprehensive Council Health Plans (CCHP) meetings and ensure
EpiC activities are included in the respective CCHP
 Work with Rafiki-SDO and Fhi360 regional team to develop regional level activities to be
included in the EpiC Annual Work plan.
 Liaise with peer educators to map hotspots and develop a directory of all hotspots where
beneficiaries are found at the district level
 Conduct weekly review of the list of index developed by service providers and ensure all the
providers conducting index testing have a useable index list
Coordination and Supervision;
 Liaise with the DMO office to obtain the list of Government and Non-government Nurse Counselors
to provide biomedical services at the community level in the respective district
 Organize the training/orientation to selected government and non-government providers to be
engaged in EpiC project activities and maintain the list of Service Providers working with EpiC.
 Liaise with DACC and the DMO office to obtain commodities, supplies and government registers for
HTS and family planning services
 Supervise the district team and ensure monthly planned activities implemented and all Service
Providers are reaching their daily and monthly targets. Provide technical support and mentorship to
the team to ensure they meet standard of performance as per the government guidelines and project
 Work closely with the Biomedical Technical Officer and CHMT members to conduct joint supportive
field supervision at the district level and ensure the outcomes of the visits clearly documented and
recommendations implemented.
 Jointly work with facility implementing partners at the district level to develop a sound referral
network from the community to facility and facility to community to ensure all clients identified at
the community level linked to facility and all LTFU clients from the facility are traced and linked back
to treatment.
 Liaise with LGA, Implementing Partners and other stakeholders and attend meetings as the
representative of EpiC project at the district level.
 Ensure all service providers are properly filling government registers as per the SOPs
 Ensure district service providers are reporting their daily performance through agreed channels.
 Prepare and submit monthly reports to the LGAs and ensure all the filled registers are kept at the
facility level
 Participate in biweekly data review meetings with Facility Partners
 Develop monthly, Quarterly and Annual reports
Required qualifications and experience
Advance degree in medicine (AMO) or nursing degree required, with additional training in public health

Working Experience:
At least 3 years demonstrated experience working in areas of biomedical HIV prevention including for KVP:
HIV care and treatment (required), HIV counseling and testing services, and Sexual Reproductive Health

II: Job Title: Social Economic Empowerment Officer (SEEO) – (1 Post)
Office location: Shinyanga region
Job location: Shinyanga Municipal council
Reporting to: Program Manager
Duration: 8 Months /renewable (full time)
Salary: Attractive package

Key responsibilities
 Work closely with Program Manager to ensure overall planned project activities are implemented
timely and outcome focused.
 Work closely with program manager to ensure Empowerment Workers are accountable in the
manner that ensures all deliverables are delivered to savings groups with efficiency and timely.
 Work closely with empowerment workers to link AGYW to microfinance institutions for financial
literacy training and organize income generating activities (IGAs) and savings groups
 Writing reports for every activity and share with program manager timely
 Review data report and provide guidance.
 Reviewing and sharing reports written by Empowerment workers and share to Program manager
 Ensure roll out of BCC training to AGYW before joining savings groups
 Ensure government authorities’ engagement in the project and sharing with them some reports as
per directives and MoU signed.
 Ensure timely preparation of financial retirement with all necessary source of evidence to be shared
with Accountant with focus on every incurred expense during project implementation
 Other responsibilities as will be assigned for the betterment of the EpiC project and Rafiki-SDO as

Required qualifications:
Degree in Social work, Sociology, Rural Development, Community Development and other related
degree program from recognized institutions.
Required skills and experience:
 At least with 3 years of experience in managing health based project with focus on HIV/AIDS, FP, STIs
and SRHE and other KvP Proven knowledge on AGYW and Gender based violence.
 Experience in economic strengthening activities especially to AGYW
 Proven skills on Gender and women focused rights and policies
 Experienced in implementing project with focus on Key Vulnerable Population(KVP) Ability to manage
team and meet deadlines which are results based
 Flexibility and ability to copy with multi-cultural/behavioral practices
 Proven records of good relationship with co staff, facilitation, team building and coordination skills will
be added advantage
 Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills in English and Kiswahili
 Readiness to work under pressure, ability to work under minimum supervision and willingness to work
overtime for project prosperity
 Computer literacy is highly required ie word, excel, internet, power point

III: Job Title: Data Manager – (1 Post)
Office location: Shinyanga region
Job location: Shinyanga Municipal Council & Shinyanga District Council
Reporting to: Program Manager
Duration: 8 Months /renewable (full time)
Salary: Attractive package

 Work close with data clerk to ensuring data quality through reviewing of all data collection forms
submitted to the office by field officers and other data collectors particularly health providers,
empowerment workers, Peer educators, Peer navigators and ensure that the errors are timely
 Maintaining proper documentation of the program including periodic progress reports filling.
 Ensuring data at field level are collected and kept at all levels, analyzed and results shared with
various stakeholders including the donor.
 Supervise data clerk to ensure all data from field are entered into the database and synchronized
into Database Management System on timely manner.
 Conducting data verification and periodic data audits to ensure data quality at all times.
Managing M&E system:
 Facilitating the Program performance monitoring plan.
 Facilitating the program team in preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual work plans in line
with the program descriptions and timely submitting to the program manager.
 Tracking the implementation of the approved work plan to ensure timely accomplishment.
 Ensuring availability of relevant data collection tools and ensuring consistent use of relevant tools in
data collection and reporting processes.
Required Qualifications
Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Health Information Systems, Mathematics and
statistics or related field
Required experience:
 Minimum of 3 years’ relevant experience in similar position.
 Strong capability in database development and management using MS Access, MySQL and statistical
analysis programs packages e.g. stata, SPSS.
 Familiarity with the health information systems

IV: Job Title: Social Behavioral Change Communication and Gender Program Officer (1 Post)
Office location: Shinyanga region
Job location: Shinyanga District council
Reporting to: Program Manager
Duration: 8 Months /renewable (full time)
Salary: Attractive package

Duties and responsibilities:
 To make sure that objectives of the EpiC are met
 Promote Community engagement and strengthen District, ward and Village Capacity to implement
community level activities.
 Promote positive health seeking behavior and conduct behavioral change communication sessions
 Strengthen the capacity of the community structures to co-ordinate and implement quality activities
of the EpiC in addressing HIV prevention issues
 Collaborate with M&E officer to prepare periodic, field , monthly, quarterly and annual reports
 Provide capacity building and monitoring of peer educators, Empowerment Workers on HIV/AIDS
and other sessions as required
 Ensure other EpiC interventions are promptly communicated to various stakeholder groups in the

Required Qualifications:
Degree in Public Health, Social Work and Gender issues and Development or other related degree from
recognized institutions, Additional training in community health, public health, community mobilization,
counseling are of added advantages.
Required experience and skills
 3 years working experience in HIV interventions or other health services.
 Community health experiences and capacities.
 Ability to build relationship with Vulnerable Adolescent Girls and Young Women at community
 Able to work with Health facility staff, Peer Educators and empowerment Workers at different
district council levels.
 Computer literacy is highly required.
 Able to relate gender norms, social & culture and HIV/AIDS in addressing their challenges
 Able to timely collection, compilation and analysis data as required.
 Ability to work with minimal supervision.

If you believe you are the ideal person we are looking for, please submit your application letter to Executive
Director, Rafiki-SDO, P.O.BOX 2078, SHINYANGA. Describing why you are the right candidate for this
position, curriculum vitae detailing your experience, copy of educational certificates and three (3)
professional referees from previous and current place of employment. Please send the application to
[email protected], via Postal or by hand at Rafiki-SDO Shinyanga, Ndembezi ward near Ngokolo RC

NOTE: For those who applying through email, should indicate the position title in email subject line.
Rafiki-SDO will review the applications sent to the official e-mail address, Postal and application which will be submitted to Rafiki-SDO office. The closing date for the applications will be Tuesday 18 February 2020, 17:00 PM. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted