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Maintenance Supervisor (Internal candidates only) at U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam

14. Major Duties and Responsibilities                                                                                                                              % of Time

20% Project Management: Assists the Facility Manager (FM) in planning major and minor construction and maintenance projects, fixing daily, weekly, and monthly schedules and priorities for the work, and scheduling the various tradesmen required. Advises the FM on the annual maintenance budget and works within the allotted amounts. Advises the FM on the purchase/retirement and sale of major equipment, making recommendations as to the best kind required for the job and its availability. Drafts scopes of work for renovation project contracts and conducts site survey with the prospective contractors, providing each with a detailed scope of work and showing them the job to be done. Serves as liaison between the Embassy and the various contractors and supervises the work done under contract to assure its thoroughness and completion in a timely and economical manner.  Acts as representative for many projects. Maintains good working relationships with the Tanzania water and electrical authorities to ensure prompt and quick responses on their part to the Embassy’s water and utilities problems.  Troubleshoots on a 24 hour a day basis, the need for emergency and other than normal maintenance to determine how it happened, and why, to prevent further trouble or recurrence of the problem.

40% Personnel Management: Supervises a multi-trade workforce consisting of thirty-six employees. Develops preventive maintenance schedules for the Mission’s buildings, residences, and equipment, to include generators, automatic transfer switches, automatic voltage regulators, residential appliances, and all domestic water delivery systems. These predetermined schedules will follow manufacturers recommendations, based upon hours of operation, with guidance obtained by OBO predefined electronic PM schedules and plans. Tests new applicants in the work of the various trades, carpentry, power generation electrical, plumbing, masonry, welding etc., to assure that they are knowledgeable in the trade for which they are applying. Implements disciplinary action for employees when required, approves their leave requests, and makes recommendations for promotion when a tradesman has reached the journeyman level in their trade.

40% Operational Support: Is on call after hours, responding to emergency calls at all hours for any type of emergency maintenance request. Responds to emergency maintenance and repair by scheduling crews or personnel of the various trades.  Maintains active surveillance over all the construction and maintenance work to assure a high level of efficiency and security of USG equipment, property, and tools. Ensures all pre planning and materials estimations of manpower, equipment requirements parts are undertaken normally at a very minimal of 10 working days prior to implementation of all larger projects, by the respective section or group needing manpower materials or spare parts. Ensures that all supervised job activities and duties are performed in a responsible manner to avoid the creation of safety or health hazards. Conducts daily field inspections to make sure, workers are well prepared, materials have been pre planned and work which was pre scheduled is what is being undertaken first and ensures that all subordinate personnel conform to established safety and health policy and procedures and properly utilize personal protective equipment. Should accidents, illnesses or injuries occur, ensures that the POSHO, safety designee or other appropriate official is informed and that required reports are issued. As a supervisor, incumbent will ensure that required evaluation reports Will be completed on time.

Job holder will perform other related duties as assigned.


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