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Names Called for Interview SIMIYU at MASWA District Council on 04th – 05th May, 2021

Simiyu Region is one of Tanzania’s 31 administrative regions. The regional capital is the town of Bariadi. The region was created in March 2012, from part of Shinyanga Region.

According to the 2012 national census, the region had a population of 1,584,157. For 2002-2012, the region’s 1.8 percent average annual population growth rate was the twenty-third-highest in the country. It was also the fifteenth-most-densely-populated region with 63 people per square kilometer.

Maswa District is one of the five districts of the Simiyu Region of Tanzania Inhabited by Sukuma (Nyantuzu People). It is bordered to the north by Magu District and Itilima District, to the east by the Meatu District, to the south by the Kishapu District, and to the west by the Kwimba District. Its administrative centre is the town of Maswa.


According to the 2002 Tanzanian National Census, the population of Maswa District is 304,402. According to the 2012 Tanzania National Census, the population of Maswa District was 344,125.


The highway that connects Shinyanga Region and Mara Region (trunk road T36) passes through Maswa town.

The Central Line railway from Tabora to Mwanza passes through the district from south to north and there is one train station within the district’s boundaries at the village of Malampaka.

Administrative subdivisions

Names Called for Interview at MASWA District Council May, 2021

Today we announce names called for interview at MASWA District Council. Read carefully all names called for interview by downloading PDF File attached..

Follow link below to download PDF file which contain all names and additional information….

Released Today 28th April, 2021.


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