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Mechanic (Security Systems) – (Internal candidates only) at U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam

1. 25%    The DS RST is responsible for developing and managing the Active Vehicle Barriers and Control Systems (AVBCS) maintenance and repair (M&R) program in the ESO Dar es Salaam region of responsibility in accordance with guidelines established by DS/ST/STO, OBO, and ESO Dar es Salaam. AVBCS support duties include, but are not limited to:

a)      preparing maintenance schedules and procedures,

b)      training local FM/GSO staff on maintenance and minor repairs of AVBCS,

c)      inspecting, verifying, and ensuring proper maintenance regimens are performed and that AVBCS operating parameters meet DS standards,

d)      performing M&R on AVBCS,

e)      identifying the need for major repairs and refurbishment to AVBCS and working with the Officer-in-Charge(OIC)/ESO DAR ES SALAAM to prepare Engineering Security Services Reports to have the work performed,

f)       coordinating with posts to ensure monthly schedule maintenance is performed and that the associated work orders in Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS ) are completed,

g)      maintain the AVBCS database in CMMS and locally at the post, and

h)      perform yearly inventory of post’s AVBCS parts inventories in CMMS.


2. 25%    The DS RST is responsible for developing and managing a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) maintenance program for CCTV cameras installed outside of Controlled Access Areas (CAA). CCTV system support duties include, but are not limited to:

(a)    preparing a routine maintenance schedule for CCTV cameras and monitors,

(b)    ensure CCTV cameras and monitors are maintained in optimal working condition,

(c)    performing regular camera cleaning, focusing, and alignment to desired field of view for all cameras in the ESO Dar es Salaam region of responsibility,

(d)    maintaining and repairing camera support structures to include items such as poles, mounting brackets, housings, cabling, and power supplies,

(e)    maintain the CCTV database in CMMS and locally at the post,

(f)      identifying improvements to CCTV coverage, especially due to changes at post associated with construction projects or changes in facility usage,

(g)    identifying CCTV system components more than two model revisions old and assisting the OIC/DAR ES SALAAM with preparing and implementing system upgrades,

(h)    perform yearly inventory of post’s CCTV parts inventories in CMMS.


3. 20%   The DS RST is available to the ESO DAR ES SALAAM to perform inspections, installations, preventative maintenance, and repair of any security system not located in CAAs to include locks, public address systems, walk-through-metal-detectors, explosive detection equipment (itemisers), and paper shredders. Maintenance of any itemisers  is permitted only under direct supervision of a Security Technical Specialist (STS) or Security Engineering Officer (SEO).


4. 15%    The DS RST performs inspections, installations, preventative maintenance, and emergency repair to forced entry/ballistic resistant (FE/BR) doors and windows in the ESO DAR ES SALAAM region of responsibility. The DS RST will make recommendations based on these inspections to improve and/or revise technical security programs. Performs maintenance and repair of FE/BR door power supplies, locking devices, rot on hinges, and fire exit packages.


5. 15%    The DS RST is required to use the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to record all work performed, services rendered, parts used, and travel expenses incurred in accordance with DS/C/ST and ESO DAR ES SALAAM  rules, procedures, and regulations. The DS RST has yearly, semi-annual, monthly and per TDY trip travel and budget planning and reporting tasks as defined in ESO DAR ES SALAAM standard operating procedures. The DS RST has yearly inventory counting and reconciliation requirements for AVBCS parts, CCTV parts, and specialized tools and equipment. The DS RST has yearly and periodic performance and evaluation responsibilities that include assisting the rating officer with development of a yearly work plan, providing regular job performance reports, and participating in periodic performance reviews. The DS RST must be willing and able to travel to any part of the world to attend in service training as requested by the OIC/ESO DAR ES SALAAM to maintain proficiency on security systems.


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