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Nafasi 45 za kazi Temesa

Tanzania Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics Sendees Agency (TEMESA) is a public entity established by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) by the Government Notice Number 254 published on 26th August, 2005 to take over the functions which were previously undertaken by the then Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) Division of the Ministry of Works. The Agency was created in the spirit of Act of No 30 of 1997, which was to improve sendees and increase both effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

The overall objective of the Agency is to provide efficient and effective electrical, mechanical and electronics’ sendees as well as reliable and safe ferry sendees to the general public. The Agency also aims to provide quality and reliable services related to the hiring of equipments to government institutions and the general public.

Deadline for submitting your application is 30 September 2019

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