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NAFASI ZA KAZI – Africa Healthca, Internal Medicine Specialist Mwanza

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Internal Medicine Specialist Mwanza

Job Description
AHN brings world-class technical expertise combined with developing world practical operating experience to a region in dire need of quality dialysis treatment. In North America, over 97% of patients requiring treatment for kidney disease receive care; in East Africa, less than 5% receive care. AHN’s goal is to increase access to high quality care at a lower cost to patients, delivered through a sustainable business model

Job Description

The internist physician with a Masters Degree in Internal Medicine (Mmed) will work jointly with AHN, and our partner Sengerema Council Designated Hospital, in supervising a Dialysis Centre, as well as serving as a full time physician serving both the inpatient and general outpatient population that visits the hospital
While a Nephrologist will maintain overall oversight of patient care at the Dialysis Centre, the physician would serve as the resident medical officer on-duty while the nephrologist is not present. The physician would need to, as far as possible, attend to all complications arising during dialysis procedures or other procedures within the unit. They would also perform the role of Nephrologist in case of emergencies, when the concerned doctor is not available. Africa Healthcare Network will support the physician with training and Continuous Medical Education in partnership with the Nephrologist to ensure the physician is well equipped to manage the patients with kidney disease, especially those undergoing dialysis.


This job is located Sengerema Council Designated Hospital, Sengerema, Mwanza, Tanzania.

Medical Care

  • Conduct daily rounds of the dialysis unit.
  • Examine Electronic Medical Report/ paper files of patients to ensure that the instructions of the Nephrologist and Tanzanian Dialysis Guidelines are being adhered to, in all cases.
  • Perform supervisory role to the duty MD, nurses and technicians in ensuring that all infection control precautions are met; patient safety protocols are adhered to in terms of patient conditions, vitals and usage of available medical equipment.
  • Attend to possible complications (bleeding from fistula, hypotension etc.) developed by patients while undergoing the dialysis procedure.
  • Assist Nephrologist in medical procedures such as inserting temporary / permanent catheter or during other needed procedures with the dialysis unit.
  • Conduct pre and post-dialysis analysis of vitals, weight and other relevant tests and identify patterns of singularity that might need medical attention.
  • Order necessary monthly tests for dialysis patients; closely monitor and evaluate lab investigation reports to make the needed medication or dietary changes or understand possible future complications.
  • Ensure dialysis procedures are followed or modified as per protocol for patient safety and well-being. Further to ensuring that all patient information is updated and monitored as needed.
  • Receive new patients in the Nephrology OPD/dialysis in the absence of the Nephrologist; conduct initial diagnosis, perform or supervise the dialysis initiation and refer to the concerned specialist.
  •  Ensure implementation of emergency protocols when needed in the absence of the in-charge Nephrologist

Patient Care

  • Educate and counsel patients on the procedures involved in the course of dialysis treatment; clarifying their concerns and questions about the treatment.
  • Refer the patient to the in-house dietician and /or nurses in cases of modifications required in dietary plans or need to handle emotional stress.
  • Conduct daily rounds in the Dialysis Centre and monitor the progress of all patients undergoing dialysis therapy.
  • During daily visits, ensuring that all necessary clinical forms are completed, and signing and completing the clinical portions of insurance billing forms.

Process and Quality

  • Update in-patient and out-patient history and diagnosis data in Electronic Medical Reports and/ or specific files for current and future reference.
  • Ensure update of records in the EMR for all patients before and after every dialysis procedure.
  • Ensure adherence to Tanzania Dialysis Standards and other relevant quality standards in all processes.

Staff and Facility Management:

  • Act as the nephrologist for all medical related matters of the dialysis unit in the absence of the Nephrologist in charge
  • Train and mentor junior MDs in the unit.
  • Provide performance-related feedback to reports as needed


  • Master’s Degree in Internal Medicine
  • Must be licensed by the Medical Council of Tanganyika


  • Competitive salary
  • Our relentless commitment to personal development and career growth
  • Working with the best people in the sector and making an impact to the millions of people living without access to high quality care

Application Instructions

Interested Tanzanians who meet the minimum requirements of this position should send their CV,

references, and copies of their certificates to [email protected]

Warning: Never Pay To Get A Job. Legitimate companies dont ask for money.

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