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Names Call for Interview SINGIDA at IKUNGI District Council

Names Call for Interview SINGIDA at IKUNGI District Council

Ikungi District is one of the six districts of the Singida Region of Tanzania. It is one of the 20 new districts that were formed in Tanzania since 2010; it was split off from Singida Rural District.

Ikungi District is bordered to the north by Iramba District, Singida Urban District and Singida Rural District, to the east by Manyara Region, to the south by Manyoni District and to the west by Tabora Region. Its administrative seat is the town of Ikungi. According to the 2012 Tanzania National Census, the population of Ikungi District was 272,959.


Paved trunk road T3 from Morogoro to the Rwandan border passes through the district. The Singida branch of the Central Railway of Tanzanian Railways passes through the district.

There is a station at Ikungi town.

Administrative subdivisions

As of 2012, Ikungi District was administratively divided into 26 wards.


2002The Singida Rural District was administratively divided into 30 wards.

The Executive Director of Ikungi District Council announces to the following that they are required to attend a written and face-to-face interview for the position requested by the Special Secretary for Grade Ill and Village Executive for Grade Ill.

The interview will take place from 22/04/2021 to 23/04/2021.

Respondents called for interview should adhere to the following instructions.
i. Interviews will be held on 22/04/2021 for a written exam and on 23/04/2021 in person
ii. Each interviewee is required to come with an ID for identification. Acceptable IDs include voter ID, Resident ID, Citizenship ID or passport.
iii. Candidates are required to arrive with original certificates; which are: certificate of Åaliwå

Form IV / and VI certificate, Diploma / NTA level 5 as specified in the previous job advertisement. In addition, testimonials, Provisional results, Statement of results, Form IV and VL RESULTS SLIP will not be accepted and will not be allowed to continue with the interview.

iv. For those who have studied outside Tanzania, make sure their certificates are verified by the relevant authorities (TCU / NACTE).
v. Each interviewer will be responsible for food, transport and accommodation.
vi. Each interviewee should consider the date of the interview.
vii. All interviewees will cover all costs including travel, accommodation and food.
viii. Applicants whose names are not included in this advertisement should note that they do not meet the criteria.

Announce today 18th April, 2021


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