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New Jobs 2020 At GAS Entec. Co.Ltd

New Jobs 2020 At GAS Entec. Co.Ltd




We are looking for an experienced and responsible Scaffolding inspector/ Supervisor to join our team, the core objective of this work is to carry out skilled scaffolding work, this include

determining job requirements, planning/configuring scaffolding, erection of scaffolding of various

types, establishing platforms and safety measures and dismantling and removing on completion of

job. New Jobs 2020 At GAS Entec. Co.Ltd


  • Responsible in ensuring safe erection, use modification and dismantling of scaffolding, for simple access and working scaffold, used in construction site.
  • Conduct risk assessment within construction site based on the hazards in relation to the specific scaffold such as poor ground condition, vulnerability to machine impacts.
  • Conduct checking/inspection of scaffold every 7 day or before use, every after modification, or at least every circumstance that might affect the stability of safety scaffold. This is to ensure the safe condition of the scaffold in the entire period of use.
  • Ensure proper co-ordination of the implementation of regulation governing activities related to scaffolding.
  • Ensure that the arrangement is in place to communicate the requirement of the scaffold user to the scaffold erector in the construction stage.
  • Ensure that the required instruction and training should be identified and workers performing the work should have the appropriate level of competence.
  • Ensure that proper documentation in relation to scaffolding is maintained on site. This includes preparation of permit to work (PTW), Inspection records and forms.
  • Inspection of rigging equipment like chain blocks, lever blocks, slings, shackles before and after use.
  • Perform periodic inspection and assist recertification of all deck rigging and scaffolding materials to check for integrity.
  • Estimates scaffolding materials to be used especially during major scaffolding erection.
  • Checks scaffolding materials inventory.
  • Maintains and updates records of all erected scaffolding
  • Promotes safety awareness and complies with the company safety policy regarding erection and dismantling of scaffolds.
  • Intervening immediately in the event of breakdown, failures or malfunctions.
  • Should be quickly to attend calls for repair work as delay in work results in revenue loss for the company.
  • Interacts with managers and supervisors at plant and corporate personnel to secure appropriate resource to plan and implement projects.
  • Training of Other competent persons, scaffold erectors, and users.


  • At least 10-15 years of experience as a Scaffolding Technician/Expert, in Construction industries, but the experience in shipbuilding will add more advantage or any other related industries.
  • Masters/Bachelor’s degree in any Engineering related field plus relevant experience of the Job.
  • Age should be 35yrs-45yrs
  • Experience with different type of scaffolding erection.
  • Ability to perform visual inspection on FROG Personnel Transfer Unit an replaced defective materials that does not required inspector like FROG landing foot.
  • Excellent problem solving capabilities and the ability to work independently on assigned task
  • Flexible and open-minded with good written and oral communication
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office ‘Excel and MS Project.
  • Ability to input, retrieve and analyze data
  • Team player
  • Good time-management skills


New Jobs 2020 At GAS Entec. Co.Ltd

Qualified candidate should send their CV and Cover Letter to [email protected] [email protected] before 10th April, 2020. Only qualified
candidate shall be contacted, female candidate are highly encourage to apply.

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