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Online Police Loss Report Form Tanzania 2020/2021

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The Police Force collaborating with Government e-Payment Gateway (GePG) lets you fill out a letter of loss “police loss report” via the Internet and pay for using your phone via GePG.

Please let us inform people whenever we have the opportunity to meet them either one or more.

The police force in Tanzania is a national body that falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs and is lead by the Inspector General of Police. The Tanzania Police Force (TPF) is divided into five departments, which fall under the control of individual Commissioners.The departments are as follows:

  • Administration and resource management;
  • Operations;
  • Criminal investigation;
  • Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone; and
  • Zanzibar police.

Further, the mandate of the TPF is to:

  • Maintain law and order;
  • Protect life and property; and
  • Prevent, detect and investigate crime.

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