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Posted in NGO Jobs in Tanzania

Then Jesus, moved with compassion, stretched out his hand” Mark 1:40. This is a call on the hearts of those with compassion to reaching out to children and communities in need, through the World Vision Tanzania. World Vision is a Christian, Child Focused and Community Empowering Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), operating in 16 Regions in Tanzania. We wish to recruit highly qualified, motivated, very dedicated and results oriented Christian leaders/influencers in their respective fields to serve as Board members on a voluntary basis. Collectively, the qualified candidates should represent a relevant diversity in experience, competence, age, gender, church affiliation, ethnicity, and geographic backgrounds. As such, both men and women are encouraged to apply.

The individuals should be able to provide thought leadership to development issues and have a track record as key contributors to poverty reduction and development at a policy level. This may be evidenced by previous participation at the executive or board level in the public, private or non-profit sector where the organizational outcomes are clearly contributing to positive social change

Currently, we are seeking for an individual with demonstrated high-level expertise that contributes to positive social change in Tanzania in one of the following sectors:

  1. Development Management especially in the areas of Economic Development, Health, Education and Agriculture
  2. Advocacy
  3. Church Leadership/Church Relations
  4. Fundraising/Resource Mobilization/Marketing / Public Relations
  5. Governance

Other helpful qualities include:

  • Being a witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God, through selflessly serving the communities
  • A heart for the poor and a good steward to the Ministry of World Vision Tanzania.
  • English language fluency (written and verbal). 
  • Good communication skills including public speaking and presentation skills
  • Must be a resilient, humble and committed Christian who participates in the worship and life of a local church (a Trinitarian denomination)
  • Willing and available during her/his tenure, to participate in the Board and its committees on a voluntary basis since serving at World Vision Tanzania Board is a Ministry.

As a child-focused organization which upholds the rights and well-being of children; our recruitment and selection procedures include screening and background checking for child abuse offences. Please send an application letter explaining why you would like to be on the Board and attach a CV with church and professional references to [email protected] by 23rd February 2020.